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Get discovered - 

C500club members benefit from:

1. Gaining relevant organic traffic and enquiries as a result of their content being indexed fast and ranked highly with search engines.

2. Increasing the ranking of their own web site.

3. Increasing their author 'authority status'.

C500club is a smart online marketing platform for business people who want to promote their business nationally and internationally to attract and connect with new customers and trading partners.

C500club is not another 'peer to peer online networking club', nor is it just another 'talking shop'... It has one purpose.. to deliver online Discovery for members, by helping them to build their presence and Google 'authority status'. - Best of all, it does it using a built in Discovery Engine, that makes the process quick, easy and inexpensive.

Who should be a member?

You may be an entrepreneur (at any level), or a business leader looking to accelerate your business. You might be an author of books or articles wanting to promote your content without the costs or restrictions of other online options.

You want to be visible, credible and seen as an authority. - You want to grow your business.

Google or Social Media?

You know it's a vital necessity to promote yourself on Google and Social Media; yet you may not be confident enough to do it yourself. Or perhaps you have outsourced it to your "web guys" and are already spending money promoting your web site and business but are struggling to achieve a decent ROI. (Or even measure ROI).

How does it work? - Once you join C500club, you will be asked to complete an online profile of your business. This profile is important because the business information sections are also linked to the promotional tools and will also be found on Google as your content begins to  index and rank.

The more complete your profile information is, the higher the probability of elements of it being found by potential customers and trade partners. – There may be certain parts of your profile that you wish to keep private; - this is fine and you can ensure this by simply ticking the “private” box at any time on any section.

Next, we give you access to the how to promote yourself guide. This is a step by step guide to getting started towards the goal of promoting your business globally. It also gives some insight into the online environment today along with what Google (and the other search engines) is looking for to index your content.

Remember, the Discovery Engine ensures your content is indexed by Google Automatically… All you need to do is create it / write it. 

Or get us to do it all for you. - Have a look at the different options and benefits in the following table:

At any time, you can get help from the C500club team simply by messaging us. You will also be connected with an account manager. Members are never alone and help is only a message (or a phone call) away.

You will also be guided on how to use the other features available within C500club. Features such as creating blogs, video libraries, uploading videos to C500club TV (You Tube Channel), photo albums, private groups (perhaps for employees), Marketplace adverts, document libraries, and the events calendar.

If it sounds like it’s a lot to take in, don’t worry; you don’t have to know it all or even use all the features to be successful in promoting your business. – In any case, help is not far away.

Your goals and our goals are the same. It is in our best interest to ensure that every member is successful.

The Benefits at a Glance:

  • It’s easy.
  • Quickly reach your target audience.
  • Build a strong and long-lasting online presence.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Build a huge online ‘voice’ that strengthens your brand.
  • Compete effectively with ‘the big boys’.
  • Get recognised as an ‘authority’ and subject matter expert
  • Create an unlimited amount of online content that stays on Google for years and which can be used as sales and marketing material.
  • Build a followers list that you can connect with at any time.
  • Reduce your online marketing costs.
  • Increase your online marketing ROI.
  • Regularly reach page 1 of Google with your content.
  • Also share your content easily with over 300 social networks worldwide.
  • Get Discovered.

What does it cost?

All of the above benefits become available once you become a member. Have a look at the table of benefits above and decide which level of service is going to be best for you.

We are not suggesting you abandon all of your existing online marketing spend (although after a while that may be a consideration for you); only that you add or substitute a small part of your spend by joining C500club. Follow the guidance and get Discovered.

If you would like to talk to us please: Connect with us here

If you would like to immediately start benefiting from membership: Join C500club Now

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