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Personal branding should not be called personal branding it should start with purpose branding. Are you a human being or a human doing? Human beings are driven by purpose, human doings do things superficially in a certain style. For personal branding read purpose branding, which includes nailing your personal style i.e. how you present to the world. Why should you read this? As an individual if you want to maximise your own ROI you need clarity on what drives you, your purpose, your 'why' and how you show yourself to the world - your consistent way of presenting yourself. If you are an executive, your organisation might have a clear purpose but 95% of employees don't know their own purpose so how can they meaningfully engage with the corporate mantra. Purpose finding in corporates needs to embrace individuals and the whole.

Purpose branding and personal branding - a Ying and Yang

The two things are Ying and Yang. If you have a clear purpose but present to the world with too much aggression versus passion, you will put people off and blow your purpose. If you have a clear personal style - which inspires people but you don't know where you want to end up, you won't have clarity on where you should talk, which organisations you should connect with etc. It's like sailing a ship, purpose is the rudder on where your life is going and personal style is your style of sailing, do you turn a lot or a little, what sails do you use are you an aggressive sailor or a cruising style sailor?

There are 2 reasons I wrote this piece:

  • For you as an individual, do you want to be in the 5% who knows their life purpose or are you walking through life, letting life lead you wherever she wants?
  • For corporations, we know brands on purpose outperform the stock market (Millward Brown) but how can your employees connect to your purpose if they don't know their own? Well if we are honest, they can't?

Purpose branding is what we should focus on with personal style.

Do you want to get it right, then read on; 80% of people in the world think their life purpose is their family, if you take that away then only 5% of people know their life purpose and we will change that.

I've been lucky enough to do purpose branding for a Saatchi&Saatchi CEO, Debbie Mayo Smith (in the top 7% of top speakers globally), the Australasian cocktail guru,Frankie and up and coming celebs. The toughest people to get it right with are New York CEO's. I worked with Vistage, the largest CEO personal development organisation in the world;they were even tougher than the independently wealthy people such as Dr Richard London.

Personal branding typically focusses on the front office. How you present on-line, on linked-in at talks, what you wear, what to do on-line and that misses the point. Why? It's superficial when people want authentic. It's like seeing ads for telcos like Vodafone or AT&T, where they promise beautiful connection and you are kept waiting for 20 minutes to pay a bill. I am being ridiculous to make the point but you get it. Any brand, which includes you, needs to be aligned between the intrinsic drive and how they present to the world. So if you want to be superficial then do personal branding, be my guest. Personal branding alone is like being dressed for a party and not knowing which one to go to, which means you'll probably go around in circles.

Purpose branding uses personal semiotics, it unpacks your life through different senses and uses this material to create your own life purpose word. Why does that matter? Language literally re-configures the brain, Shakespeare invented 500 words for things that didn't yet exist. You know eskimoes have 50 words for snow, if you don't have the words you can't see snow as truly different, like they do. If you are using existing words to describe your purpose in life, it's no way near as powerful, your own word literally creates new 'meaning space', yours.

But you are a unique person, a purpose word, it’s like a finger print. Here are some examples? Comit - to co-create inspirational ideas which can be actioned. That is my life purpose and I turned it into a digital ident which you can see as the visual with this article. Here's another purpose word, lasseni , which to the person means to move fast towards an unachievable goal while staying calm. Purpose gives you the why? To keep you on track with where you are going, in every situation you ask yourself how does this word guide my behaviour. Then you bring in the personal branding style piece. For me it's coriwa to present to the world as creative, original and inspiring.

Why corporates should do purpose branding

The estimates vary but companies with a clear purpose outperform those without by up to 136%. And so companies, quite rightly spend a lot of money, co-creating purpose for organisations. Unilever is doing a particularly good job at giving brands a greater sense of purpose. But the assumption there is that employees know theirs and most simply don't. So imagine the multiplier financially if employees know their own life purpose and they can see how it connects with the company. It's an injection a turbo boost, a catalytic converter for your organisational purpose. That's why we're about to embark on doing purpose branding for individuals in corporates, to connect the dots, to boost ROI.

The books can useful but most of them are useful in the wrong way. If you want a private consult on the cost of creating your own word, by all means mail me on . We've developed a system which was ratified by a top psychologist at The Priory in England. (That's where the top psychologists in the world live.)

Vistage CEO development organisation

Millward Brown ? Brands on purpose outperform the share market - Wolfe, Shethe and Sisodia

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