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Most CEO’s think Word of Mouth just ‘happens’, it’s a myth. WOM has the highest ROI of any Marketing approach. The average ROI on TV ads is 0.01%, WOM delivers 0.33% and can move to 0.75%. Only 15% of WOM happens on line, the rest is in the real world, through the ‘gob’.

Jake Pearce has invested 000’s understanding the science of WOM in the USA, Australia, NZ and Asia. He’s demonstrated it works - launching a water brand that saved a factory for Danone in China using the approach. The people who talk about you well aren’t who you think. You can find them, enrol them and train them to deliver a more persuasive referral supported by low cost.

Jake Pearce challenges CMO’s and CEO’s to look logically at their marketing budgets, why would you spend money on things that deliver lower ROI? Does it make business sense?

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