Do a Sudoku to stay sharp!

I have been doing Sudoku for years at lunchtime. I normally spend 25 to 30 minutes on the Fiendish or Super Fiendish versions. I will normally finish one in three of them in this timescale. I hear you ask- What benefit do you get from doing it?

There are a host of benefits which I have experienced:

  • My concentration afterwards is very good. I find it a great stimulation when you are trying to think through a problem
  • It forces you to focus away from what you have been doing beforehand and this leads to a form of relaxation
  • I feel like I have given my brain a good workout

The research about the benefits of Sudoku are mixed.  According to a recent Article in August 2017 in CNBC News  there seems to be proof of clear benefits.

“Taking a stab at Sudoku is another working-memory training activity. It’s like chess — while you’re making a move, you have to think three or four steps ahead to your next move. And that’s good exercise for the brain” ( Source :

The advice is that you need to combine brain exercises with good diet and regular exercises. So it’s not a replacement to healthy living but it could just be part of it

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